Casa Das Natas Authentic Portuguese Cuisine

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  • 5717 Lewis Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON

About Casa Das Natas Authentic Portuguese Cuisine

Some vocations are passed down from generation to generation. This is indeed the case for Mr. Vasco Caldas, owner of Casa Das Natas who discovered his passion in life by working at his parent's bakery since he was nine years old. His skill for the craft became evident and he vowed secretly to someday become a pastry chef, and he did!

Vasco is best known in the region for his traditional Portuguese pastry called "Pastel de Nata" (custard tart). His solid reputation was also built by never compromising quality, using only the finest, freshest ingredients, and ensuring every pastry he makes meets the highest quality standards.

Don't forget to taste Vasco's famed dessert on your next visit: Pastel de Nata. You will not be disappointed and it will ensure that you return for more.!