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In 2020, Niagara Jet Adventure was recognized as #3 on USA Today’s Top Ten Best Boat Tours in America. We’re also listed as TripAdvisor’s #1 Bucket List “Thing to Do” when visiting the Niagara region along with our five-star customer rating.

Experience the Niagara River yearlong aboard our climate-controlled boats. Thrilling rides take guests on a one-hour adventure along the up to Class 5 rapids of Whirlpool and Devil’s Hole Rapids in the Niagara River Gorge, with 360-degree spins along the way.

Each of the 38-seat high-speed boats, offer the choice of either climate-controlled indoor seating (standard dry seats) or outdoor seating (upper and lower wet deck seats). Plus, each boat features two Co-Pilot indoor seats, so you can get right up close to the action and experience what the captains do.

So, choose between a dry or wet adventure - the choice is yours. Either way, you’re in for one exhilarating ride on the Niagara River!

BOOK YOUR NIAGARA JET ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE TODAY! Great for all ages 4+ & minimum 40 inches tall. Niagara Jet Adventures will provide an epic and safe whitewater jet boat adventure in the Niagara Gorge. Additional Information…   1) Niagara Jet Adventures has decades of white water touring experience in some of the most intense rapids in the United States. The tours are much more than just a white water rapids experience in the Niagara River. There is a natural history and historical landmark element of our tour, as we guide our customers through the ages checking out the natural beauty and extensive historic landmarks only seen from the water from when man first inhabited the area, the historical treasure Old Fort Niagara and Fort George on the Canadian side, the battles to control the river, the places slaves hid while utilizing the Underground Railway to freedom in Canada, the great Steamship era including where 20,000 passengers loaded and unloaded in the lower Niagara River each and every day during the season – and on, and on. The guided tours highlight both the Canadian and U.S. sides of the Niagara River en-route to the thrill portion of the tour where we conquer the Whirlpool Rapids each hour on the hour. 2) The fleet of boats are technically advanced, state-of-the art boats that were built and designed specifically for the Niagara River. They were also built with customer comfort and safe adventure with the customer in mind. We have not only climate-controlled spring-assist, and air-ride seats for those that wish to stay dry during our white water rapid portion of our tours, but you can also sit on the wet deck for a secure, albeit wet experience in our tours. The “wet deck” is first-come, first serve. There are also two air ride co-pilot seats we offer for a slight surcharge with an unobstructed view of the Niagara River. The seats are located on either side of the pilots seat of the jet boats. We proved how safe our boats are and that was proven by being the first boats to run to the base of Niagara Falls from the mouth of Lake Ontario last year. The boats that ran the falls were actually smaller versions of the same Niagara Jet Adventure boats passengers can tour on now starting May 1st, 2014, or as soon as the ice from this very cold, long winter is gone from the Niagara River. 3) Our boats are also the most environmentally-friendly running the river in that the boats were designed to be quieter and create much less wake while navigating the Niagara River 4) We are easy to get to are only 15 minutes from Niagara Falls, 10 minutes from Historic Lewiston,NY and 3 minutes from Old Fort Niagara. It's easy to purchase tickets online at, or in person in Youngstown, NY. Reserving tickets in advance is HIGHLY recommended because of our tours popularity, although, we offer a free people mover that takes people to Old Fort Niagara and back for those that wish to see other things while waiting to catch a tour with us, or after catching a tour with us. 5) Group discounts are available, but you must contact our Group Department at More on NIAGARA JET ADVENTURES: In April of 2013 two of NJA’s 26’ twin engine jet boats to become the first ever to successfully navigate the lower Niagara River’s Class 5 section of rapids from the fabulous and famous Whirlpool to the base of Horseshoe and American Falls. Before that day in history, it was thought to be impossible for any kind of craft to go up the river through that last and most treacherous section of rapids. The “run” as it’s now called was a test to prove the capabilities of NJA's boats on the lower Niagara river. If we can run class 5 rapids (highest on the whitewater rating scale) our tour through class 5 rapids will surely be a safe and enjoyable experience. Niagara Jets Adventures has purchased 3 brand new 36’ Coast Guard approved jet boats built in Idaho, the jet bit capital of the world. The historic run to the base of Niagara Falls helped us design our Niagara Class boats as we took data from the "run" to design the boats that we currently use. From the newly designed hull with added structure to the triple 6.2 Liter Cadillac supercharged 1700 HP total HP engines, to the Custom built Hamilton 241 pumps these boats were purposefully built to take whatever the mighty Niagara can churn up like no other whitewater craft in the world. Niagara Jet Adventures is an unbelievable scenic and awe inspiring Niagara river rapids whitewater boat ride with enough thrill to create memories of a lifetime. There are two sections available to guests, depending on the experience guests want. Our protected cab which is climate-controlled, with spring-assist shock absorbing seats will allow guests to enjoy conquering the Class 5 rapids including whirlpool and devils hole in unequaled comfort. If getting wet is your thing while conquering the river, then the boats have a "wet deck" on the stern (back) of the boat, for an up close, interactive, and unforgettable connection with the river. Bring a change of clothes to ride on the "wet deck". Each tour also has two fully adjustable air ride co-pilot seats that can be reserved for a small upgraded price. Niagara Jet Adventures is sensitive to the preservation of the Niagara River and history of the region. Our boats are designed to be environmentally friendly creating less wake (waves) and much quieter than jet boats of the past. The trips, along with an awe inspiring view roar of the mighty cataracts also have an informative history element included, with explanations and views of sites that can not be seen from anywhere on shore. The tour will elaborate on historical landmarks like: Old Fort Niagara - the oldest existing stone structure on the Great Lakes and the longest active U.S. military base. We will also show fields of battles during the Indian French War, War of 1812, as well as buildings and hiding places used in the famed Underground Railway - allowing slaves to gain freedom by crossing the Niagara River into Canada. Niagara Jet Adventures departs daily from Historic Youngstown, NY located at the mouth of the Mighty Niagara River in Youngstown, NY. Youngstown is home to Old Fort Niagara, a nearly 300 year old fortress. Directly Across from Fort Niagara stands Fort George content From there we will pass by the Five Mile Meadows which are the only lowlands along the lower Lower Niagara river and the site where British Soldiers and allied First Nation Indians crossed the Niagara River on the night of December 19,1813 in order to stage and make ready before marching north and overtaking Fort Niagara. The five mile Meadows also known as the Stella Niagara Flats is the site of a “Miracle on the Niagara”. Where in 1955 the winter ice flow was held back in the mouth of the river by a strong north wind. The ice continued down the river pushed high by the swift current filling the Meadows with Ice 20 foot above the river level and surrounding a small chapel on the south end of the Meadows. Miraculously the ice retreated never touching the Chapel. We will then pass by the famous house with 4 cellars where From where in the early to mid 1800's a local tailor Josiah Tryon used a rowboat to smuggle thousands of slaves into Canada on final leg of the Underground Railway. Our boats will then take our passengers along the Historic Lewiston, NY waterfront which is located directly across from Queenston, Ontario ...Lewiston is the site of U.S. staging area and crossing point for the Battle of Queenston Heights, the first major battle of the War of 1812. Just think the thousands of cannon balls that were blasting though there air right above the route you will be taking. As we proceed up the river you will notice Earl W Brydge's Art Park, site of the "Lewiston Mound" a prehistoric burial site listed on the National Register of Historic Places The land along the river at Artpark is also home to the "Lower Landing Archeological District" named a "National Historic Landmark" Just past Artpark we will enter the Niagara Gorge the original location of Niagara Falls before it carved it's way back to it's current location 12,000 years ago. If you relax for a moment while going up the river at that point you can imagine the prehistoric shoreline of Lake Iroquois (now Lake Ontario). We will pass under the highest road bridge in Canada. the Lewiston, Queenston International bridge .At 1000 ft long it is also one of North America's largest arc spans. As soon as you pass under the bridge you will become fixated on two of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world, the America Robert Moses and Canadian Sir Adam Beck. In combination the two plants produce enough electricity to light 50 million 100 watt light bulbs at once. We will pass directly through the violent confluent of both plants and feel where the power comes from as up 200,000 CFS of water is diverted from above the Falls and released here.... Directly past the power plants on the American side is the Site of the “Battle of Devil's Hole” Where 500 Seneca warriors ambushed a wagon train and its armed escort en route from Fort Schlosser to Fort Niagara. and ran them off the cliff. Only 3 survived that historic day. Soon after starts the exciting Niagara whitewater rapids including class 5 whitewater mountains....Now the real fun starts!! Up and down through and through Class 2,3,4, and 5 rapids all the while in our state of the art whitewater jet boats completely dry or soaking wet. Your choice Niagara Jet Adventures is a USA based company in Youngstown, NY - just 15 minutes north of Niagara Falls, NY. It's 10 minutes from historic Lewiston, NY and 3 minutes from historic Old Fort Niagara. Boats leave from our dock every hour on the hour for the approximate 1 hour ride , starting at 9:00AM seven days a week - rain or shine. These comfortable boats are also available for group events, sunset cruises, history tours, and “Whitewater Marriage Parties”. Purchase, or inquire online at - or, call us at 1.855.NJA.TOURS (652.8687) Mike Fox is the creator, developer, and 100% owner of Niagara Jet Adventures. See Less Impressum… Niagara Jet Adventures is the only climate-controlled Niagara River guided history tour and thrill ride. Passengers stay completely dry unless they want to get wet. We provide a "wet deck" for those so daring as to get up-close and intimate with the mighty Niagara River ... Checkout "Niagara's Most Awesome Experience"