Bart's Deli & General Store

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About Bart's Deli & General Store

Bart’s Deli and General Store is located in the beautiful vacation destination – the  Mount Washington Valley. We provide a full service deli, pizzeria and general store. When we say general we mean everything – from hand warmers to hand bags – chips to chapstick – hot drinks to cold beer – bag of nuts to full frozen dinner to go. We feature products from local artisans and crafters a great spot to purchase a gift for you or someone else.
You can take out pizza, deli, salads, sandwiches as well as full meals to go like chicken pot pie and lasagna. The perfect meals for the condo after a day of skiing!
We also have ample room to dine – right at the deli or in our meeting room. We do offer the meeting room for events as well such as board meetings, baby showers, sewing club – you name it.