Outer Banks, NC, Guide and Information


OBX Super Cool Water Sports

The Wright Brothers found the lift they needed on the Outer Banks from the wind. It’s these famous OBX winds that create the right conditions for all kinds of water sports fun. The ocean with its shifting sandbars and powerful currents transform that wind energy into fabulous waves. The blowing winds make it possible to take flight. These wind and wave conditions vary considerably on the Outer Banks, which is why true water sports enthusiasts–especially those that are particularly athletic and daring–like to have a quiver of water-centric activities from which to choose.

Depending on the day, someone might head out to drop in on big surf on a classic surfboard. But once the waves diminish, or the water becomes choppy, that person could turn to another “toy” for a different kind of ride.

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OBX Surf, Sun and Fun

It’s all about the beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, also known as OBX. You’ll find some of the biggest and most pristine swathes of sandy beach along the 200-mile stretch of barrier islands that make up the Outer Banks. Stick your toes in the sand, sniff the salt air of the Atlantic, feel the ocean breeze on your face and sally forth to do whatever activity suits your fancy. You can embark upon a long walk, join in on some beach volleyball, play frisbee, paddleball and bocce ball, build a sandcastle or just loll on the warm sand and read a book or take a nap. Collecting shells and beach glass makes for a wondrous time for kids and adults because here the surf roils in so strong that it leaves the beaches clean from an excess of debris, both organic and manmade. Pristine indeed.

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