Kryptology Escape Rooms

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About Kryptology Escape Rooms

KRYPTOLOGY IS A LIVE ACTION ESCAPE GAME IN PIGEON FORGE, TENNESSEE.  Escape games are a fun, challenging, and exciting way to spend time with friends, family, and even strangers.  Your group of up to eight people is locked in a room (don't worry, you can leave any time you like) and given 60 minutes to escape.  Follow the clues, answer the riddles, and solve the puzzles to find your way out.  The experience is great for team building, family time, or for making new friends.  All of our rooms are family friendly and safe for younger children.  This is not a haunted house, and nothing will jump out at you.  Each room has a different immersive theme and a unique story.  So, choose your favorite or try them all.  Find out why many of our customers are raving about the best escape rooms in Pigeon Forge!