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Crystal King Pottery

Crystal King, a potter raised by potters, with the creativity to make her own path while drawing on traditional techniques learned at a young age.  Her family apprenticed with Dorothy Cole Auman, an 8th generation potter who inspired their journey with folk ark pottery. Crystal added a unique quality to that tradition when she began focusing her art on hand-built figurines & Bible imagery as early as her teenage years.  Crystal has a strong following that collects her one-of-a-kind pieces across the country.

Seagrove Candles & Soapworks

Made in the heart of North Carolina for over 16 years. Exceptionally fragrant candles in over 40 scents. Soft shea butter soaps that will cleanse with pleasing aromas and nourish the skin.  Order online or visit the shop for a pleasing experience. Seagrove candles and soapworks are also available at gift boutiques throughout the state.