Your pet is uncommon, unlike any other dog or cat. Unique!
And that describes our business, too.

I've always loved animals. In fact, I grew up in northern Germany in farm country. There were always animals around.

A few years ago I escaped the corporate world and started my own business taking care of dogs and cats. It's been wonderful. I have hundreds of customers and as a result, I have hundreds of dog and cat friends.

One thing I know for sure: people want the very best for their pets. That's why we created Uncommon Paws. We provide interesting, high quality products made with the best, sustainable, natural materials. That's what we're all about. We search out the unusual, the beautiful, and the best items that will last for more than just one season. We work with expert Maine craftspeople to create many of our products.

What else makes us uncommon? We care deeply about the environment and try to make good choices every day to minimize our carbon footprint and that of our pets. We hope you do too.

Browse around! We have created natural alpaca sweaters from yarn sustainably grown in the USA, cleaned and spun and made in Maine, each by skilled artisans using exclusive Uncommon Paws designs.

Our luxury collars, leashes, and harnesses are made by us in Maine, from USA-made components. Each is crafted with love for pets and the highest attention to detail. See the beautiful designs. Each is made especially to your pet's size specifications.

Our product selection may not be the biggest but we are determined to bring you the uncommon, beautiful, and luxurious items that
are hard to find.

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