Vena's Fizz House

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About Vena's Fizz House

Unimmune to the woes of the world, Johanna & Steve Corman woke one morning and met necessity head-on. A strong constitution sprinkled with a bit of imagination, an entrepreneurial heart, and a long love-affair with seltzer; Johanna (though she didn't know it at the time) struck liquid gold. She told her husband Steve, "Mute the TV and listen!" She had an "Old Port" worthy idea and wanted to make it happen. It took forty minutes of banter, a few good Googles, and before the day was over, a verbal contract at 345 Fore Street. A lease was soon signed and Vena’s Fizz House was born on July 10, 2013. Now located in downtown Portland, Vena’s Fizz House exudes a quintessential turn-of-the-century charm that lures visitors from around the world. It evokes the nostalgia of days passed; an era when walking was normal and swigging from a jig was the thing. The interior brick walls, arched entry-ways, and vintage solid-oak bar endure stiff competition daily from the menu itself! Sit down and see for yourself. Feeling parched? Take your pick. Vena’s offers a wide variety of drinks for the whole family; from botanical-infused fizzes to mocktails and cocktails. Looking for a few small bites before you head Down East? The inspired kitchen is peppered with vegan treats, traditional yet creative fondues, to-go bowls for the manliest of men, and simple sweets for the demure in all of us. And, before you go, step in and get inspired by Vena’s grand emporium of liquid alchemy products for any number of novice to expert Liquid Alchemists looking to dabble in the art of mixed drinks (with or without spirits).