Henry VIII Carvery

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About Henry VIII Carvery

The sandwiches are simple and delicious. Order the simplest, like the roast beef with a creamy and snappy horseradish sauce (Henry VIII), with simple au jus (Beefeater) or just plain (Serf — they always get the short end of the stick!) and your young Carvier (my word) will slice off a thick hunk of rare roast beef and then cut it up further into small squares right before your eyes. It's all Angus roast beef, roasted in their own ovens and it is tender, juicy and robustly flavored. The Serfs have it right, you don't even need anything on it but a touch of salt and pepper but adding sauces and cheeses makes it better. They're all served on an oblong warm buttered bun with a light crisp from toasting, but very light so the texture doesn't interfere with the beef.