Rehoboth & Lewes Beach, DE, Guide and Information


Three Great Destinations on One Map

It sounds cliché but there really is something for everyone in Rehoboth, Lewes and Dewey Beach, Delaware. No wonder the population in these resort towns explodes from 350 (in the case of Dewey Beach) and the low thousands (for Rehoboth and Lewes) to tens of thousands during the season. They are popular summer destinations for people from nearby Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, so know that Delaware Route 1, also known as the Coastal Highway, can become pretty jammed up at the beginning and end of weekends, particularly the section that heads in and out of Rehoboth.

Fortunately this busy thoroughfare is lined with outlet stores, restaurants and lots of shops that sell all kinds of seashell-inspired souvenir items and more. Shell We Golf and Sea Shell Shop provide the necessities for kids (in the form of mini golf and cool knickknacks), while the Royal Farms Store & Gas are sure to offer welcome relief to moms and dads. (There’s no sales tax in Delaware, which gives you one more reason to shop here.)

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Historic Rehoboth Beach and Lewes

There’s so much history in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes that you almost want at least one rainy day during your stay to visit the many sites and museums that document the centuries-worth of doings within these communities.

Just ponder this: Delaware was named the first of the thirteen original colonies and is thus considered the first state of the union. And Lewes proudly claims the distinction of “The First Town in the First State.” It was the site of the first European settlement, a whaling and trading post founded by the Dutch in 1631 and named Zwaanendael, or Swan Valley.

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