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About Salacia Salt Studio

Salacia Salts is passionate about making an impact through educating people about the importance of relaxation and the environment, through caring for your skin while taking care of natural resources. It is our goal to create a regionally recognized best-in-class retail brand that captures the essence of the coast and lifestyle of relaxation by creating “smart” lifestyle products for bath and home.

We are creators of beauty and wellness products (moisturizers, cleaners, salt soaks and scrubs, and aromatherapy products) that help people relax and enjoy life by providing useful and practical products and experiences. In addition, we donate $2 from every bar soap we sell from our “helping hands” collection to build bathrooms in Southern India for teenage girls. We have raised enough funds to build one bathroom in Andhra Pradesh. This bathroom provides hand washing, education, and private, clean facilities to ensure teenage girls do not miss school due to their monthly cycle and unsanitary, uncomfortable restrooms.

Salacia Salts is unique, fun, and captivates the audience through combining interesting ingredients and facts. We leverage the story of farm-grown ingredients, locally sourced natural products and coastal Georgia history into each of our products. Our signature product is packaged in a bottle that is upcycled, allowing it to bypass the waste stream or prolong its life before being recycled.

We also offer a blending bar that allows people to make their own skincare. This is an interactive experience which entertains and educates people. The activity takes approximately 15 minutes, and we also offer full workshops on site in Savannah, GA (75-90 minute classes). Products may be packaged in small, travel sized containers under 3oz, liquid or dry.

Our biggest fans are eco-conscious females who appreciate a “work hard / play hard” mentality, embrace relaxation, and are small business supporters – especially those who appreciate female entrepreneurs (our business is owned and operated by 4 females). Our founder Cari Clark Phelps is a successful entrepreneur, having launched 5 businesses since 2004. Salacia Salts is 1 of the 4 active entities still owned and operated by Cari.