Savannah Historic Bike Tours

We are a veteran owned full-service bike touring company located here in Savannah Georgia, what better way to explore this magical city than doing so on a bike. All of our guides are local here to Savannah and are very good at what they do. They take a lot of pride in providing that detailed and personal experience that our guest is looking for! 

We will take you back in time as we explore the amazing stories going back over 280 years to how it all began to who we are today and the events that had an impact on this city. We will introduce you to who our founder was and the vision that he brought here in the early 1730’s and who the early colonist was that were arriving here as well.

Our tour guides will have a microphone headset with our guest having earpieces, this allows for a continual story for the whole time we are out touring the city, and nobody misses out on anything being shared with the group!

The bikes we supply to tour on are high quality and are very comfortable to explore this wonderful city on. Savannah is a very easy city to navigate while touring on a bike and is for the most part flat, “I tell people, the biggest hill we will climb will be the curb that gets us onto the sidewalk”

Come see us soon and let us all have some fun together touring this beautiful city!!


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