Sedona, AZ, Guide and Information


About Arizona's Red Rock Country

Often considered to be the second biggest attraction in Arizona after the Grand Canyon, Sedona and the surrounding area will dazzle you with the jaw-dropping allure of its red rocks, monolithic formations that appear in every hue from burnt sienna to rust to salmon to carrot top to–well, you get the idea. Truly the display of color and form astounds. Here you can go up top, down, in deep and all around by foot, bike, kayak, car, you name it. Not much stops you from experiencing the majesty of this geological extravaganza from all kinds of perspectives. Although far less expansive than the Grand Canyon, the canyons here touch you with a raw beauty unique to this mystical land. Plus, you can drive through many of them!

And what’s cool, too, is to know that people have been looking at these same vistas for ages. The original inhabitants of the region were the Native Americans; the first Anglo-Americans arrived toward the latter part of the 1800s. In 1876, people settled in Oak Creek Canyon, an area known for its fruit trees. The post office was established and the town was named after the postmaster’s wife, Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly, a woman respected for her kindness and good work ethic. Wouldn’t you have thought Sedona was an old Indian name or maybe the name of a type of rock?

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