Spanish Military Hospital

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About Spanish Military Hospital

Travel Back in time to the Spanish Military Hospital, where the doctor is always in.

Discover untold history as our guides demonstrate "cutting edge" colonial surgery techniques.

Immerse yourself in another era- you've only explored St. Augustine when our guides have taken you back to colonial times.

Explore an authentic reconstruction of a Military Hospital that stood on this site during the Second Spanish Colonial Period, 1784-1821. Experience life as a doctor or patient in 1791.

Here, you can experience a tapestry of medicine- uncover how Spanish physicians wove together knowledge from Europe and Africa to achieve an astonishing survival rate.

Visit our apothecary's garden and appreciate herbs which are still used in medicines today.

See how people lived and dressed in another time, and understand the role of religion in the daily life of the Catholic Spanish.

Stop in, see our museum collection of antique surgical instruments, and "leech" some knowledge from our experienced guides.

A journey of discovery for the whole family!