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The 1916 Elks Temple has been restored and reimagined into a vibrant gathering place for out-of-town guests and locals alike. From the Old Hangout, a bar reminiscent of world travels, to the Spanish Ballroom, a grand space hosting live music, you’ll find entertainment at every turn. Threads of art, history and elements of the local community are woven into the structure. Wherever you are in Elks Temple, you’ll find the comforts of your favorite neighborhood pub and a world of adventure.

We wanted to see how much fun we could pack into seven floors, so we started with a brewery, the Bottle Shop & Brewery Tasting Room, and The Old Hangout on the ground floor, and worked our way up. Take the scenic route up the Spanish Steps to the Spanish Bar and Ballroom on the second floor before wending your way to Doc’s, a third floor games bar overlooking the Spanish Ballroom; pause on the nearby mezzanine overlooking Puget Sound. On the fourth floor stop for a celebratory meal (you’re halfway to the top!) in McMenamins Pub where expansive views of Puget Sound’s Commencement Bay and the marina at Foss Waterway dominate the east-facing windows. Once you’ve refueled for the rest of your journey, continue to the diminutive fifth floor – if you can find it. From there it’s on up to the sixth floor guestrooms and a spectacular overhead array of lights, lamps and chandeliers. Travel your last flight to seven, where guestrooms overlook the lush indoor atrium and give you an eye-level view of the light display like no other.

Whether your port of call is the Old Hangout, the Spanish Bar, Doc’s or the Spanish Ballroom, you’ll find handcrafted cocktails, tales from home and afar, cozy hideaways and untold fun.

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