Haunted Traverse Walking Tours

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About Haunted Traverse Walking Tours

Join us for a walk through downtown Traverse City!

Book a fun walking tour today!  Visit www.hauntedtraverse.com or call 231-645-1447.


Voted #1 tour in Traverse City, The Historical Ghost Lantern Tour is 90 minutes of history and ghost stories with a short ghost hunt at your end…of the tour!


Weird 101 Walking Tour entertains our guests with strange and unusual stories with lots of T.C. 101 tips to have you an honorary local in no time!


New for 2021 is our Lie2Me Walking Tour. Which tale is true and which are the lies!? If you figure it out, you just might win a sweet treat right in the heart of downtown Traverse City!


Ghost Hunting Experience is a real life…err hunt for the dead at a haunted farm just south of Traverse City!  2 hours where you learn the techniques  of ghost hunting and the Like-you-see on TV ghost hunting equipment. Then YOU do the ghost hunt. This is led by experienced ghost hunters.