Hilbert's Honey Co.

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About Hilbert's Honey Co.

About Hilbert's Honey Co.

Hilbert’s Honey Co. is a 4th generation honey producer located in beautiful northern Michigan.

The family business began in 1887 by James Hilbert Sr. in Elmwood Township to encourage the pollination of his fruit farms. Over the years, the passion of beekeeping was passed on through each generation and has grown into a major bee hub with over 7,000 beehives.

In August 2019, Hilbert’s Honey Co. expanded by opening a 10,400 square foot building to house the extraction and production of honey located on Five Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan. 

Hilbert's Honey Co. is currently owned and operated by Larry and Geana Hilbert, along with their sons James and Keith.

We are in the process of developing a storefront, so you can come visit us in the future!