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About Poppycock's New American Cuisine

Poppycock’s has been owned and operated in Traverse City by Josie and Mark Butzier since 1989. Mark has left (Oct. 208) to fulfill his dream to wander the Caribbean searching for that perfect beach. Prior to that they owned Poppycock’s of Aspen. Family members Whitney, Katelyn and Brian all lend a hand when not attending college or traveling the world.

The saga of Poppycock’s began when Josie and her sister took what they thought would be a 2 week ski vacation out west. After skiing their way through Colorado, they ended up in Aspen. As many do, they quickly came to love the energetic town and began working at a tiny creperie called Poppycock’s. An English gal had started it several years before. Hence the slang term and name Poppycock’s. Mark soon followed with a visit and loved Aspen, which was a no-brainer since he was behind a desk in Minnesota. Josie decided to buy Poppycock’s, get married and move cross country in one easy month and then spent the next 10 years creating fond memories and great stories in that wonderful ski town. Poppycock’s got bigger and moved out of it’s original Brand Building location closer to the mountain. Three children later the bug to move back to their native state and families hit. Aspen was great, but unfortunately there was no bay. Swimming in mountain snow run off just isn’t the same.

Friends called to tell the family about a great space that was opening up on Front St. so they came and checked it out. True to their nature, they sold a business and moved back cross country in one easy month. Traverse City welcomed with an explosion of cherry blossoms.

The building Poppycock’s is in has been a movie parlor, a dairy bar, a diner…..always a restaurant of some sort since 1927. We tend to find an old menu stuck here or there when we remodel. Pot roast for 49 cents and coffee for a nickel. Amazing. Many would remember when it was Stacy’s and you just put your money in the till and made your own change. Even more amazing is those “I remember when” stories are still being told over martinis. Apparently the free pudding was a big hit.

Our desire to create a unique, comfortable, upbeat place to dine has always remained the same. We have been written up in the New York Times, in John Denver specials, countless magazines and have won numerous awards, yet it is our faithful “regulars” that bring us the most satisfaction and encourage us strive to get better and better. We hope that you have enjoyed your meal and thank you for coming in!

- Josie