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About Spanglish Cafe

The Spanglish Catering Company evolved from our love to cook and work together. We met in a small health spa kitchen in the San Fransisco Bay area and were married in 2002. I was born and raised in the Northern Michigan woods. Vicente was raised on a rural coffee farm in Guerrero Mexico before moving to Mexico city. Together we spent a year in Puerto Vallarta Mx. We have tasted our way through 11 Me...xican states and much of the U.S. Our food is not wet burrito smothered with tasteless yellow cheese. Our food has evolved over ten years of cooking together, it is bright and flavorful. Our Tamales contain no hydrogenated lard, shortenings or trans fats. Traditional Mexican Food is our starting point but we will bend the rules to make a recipe better. We love to mix in American ingredients and cooking techniques. We really love what we do and it shows!