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About Christmastide

Before Sandcastles and Cherry Festivals, the Bayfront had a different purpose. While tourism beautified the beaches, we’re still recovering the glass left behind. Our beach glass jewelry is available exclusively at Christmastide TC, hand made by local artist & business owner Kitty Soma. Beautiful as it is, the story behind each piece is what makes our jewelry one of a kind. The glass we use in our jewelry was thrown into the Grand Traverse Bay (as rubbish) over 100 years ago. We take it back out and make it sparkle. Each piece has been hand-collected along the shores of the Grand Traverse Bay by a member of our family. Before trash collection (circa 1927), the Bay was used as a rubbish dump. Today, the glass breaks out after storms and tumbles to shore. We collect and decorate it, embracing each and every varying color, shape, texture, and size. Each is a unique piece of history from this beautiful region. Kitty Soma has been in business just about 20 years, making her jewelry from home and traveling to craft shows all around Michigan. In June of 2015, she opened Christmastide TC, a quaint shop in the Grand Traverse Commons filled with beach glass jewelry, ornaments, Christmas decor, other holiday goods, stationary, puzzles, miniatures, and more unique gifts & treasures.