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About Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods

Founded in 2004 by Christie Minervini, Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods represents a select group of 150 regional and North American artists and designers showing their original fine art, contemporary craft, studio jewelry and handcrafted gifts. Adjacent to the galleries, in one of northern Michigan’s largest fine art venues, The Mercato, we host a bi-monthly art exhibition series often featuring group or theme shows.

One of our goals is to help reshape the widely-held perception of “craft” and to create a venue where original design and craftsmanship are valued in the same way as fine art. Themes of antiquity and mystery, work created with aged materials, “found art” and recycled or repurposed pieces are given special prominence in our gallery.

At any given time, we’re showing the work of thirty-five of the nation’s most respected studio jewelers and designers… from those working with sterling silver and found materials to high-karat gold and gemstones. A few times a year, we showcase one of our designers with a trunk show event.

Special. Unique. Different. That’s what you’ll find at Sanctuary Hand Crafted Goods