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This beautiful publication has been in existence in southeastern North Carolina for 35 years! You will see from this image of all 35 editions on the bookshelf that it has evolved nicely and become a great resource for visitors, newcomers and locals alike. We know we are fortunate to live in this area of North Carolina. Whether you live here too or are visiting or planning to move here, Wilmington Today will help you discover new sights, taste new foods, find new things to love and meet all the friendly people around town. But don’t stop with the print edition of Wilmington Today. Year-round we pump out content on our website, WilmingtonToday.com, and promote our online exclusives via our social platforms. So be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get quick access to our weekly posts about Who’s Who in Wilmington Today and all the things happening here in our area of the world. And please be sure to tell our advertisers that you saw them in Wilmington Today!