About Discovery Map®

For the Discovery Map® team, choosing the road not taken is both an approach for our travel adventures and an overarching philosophy of how to do things.

Getting off the beaten path not only makes sense to avoid the crowd; it can also yield wonderful adventures, new discoveries, and fresh experiences.

It doesn’t get any more “off the beaten path” than Waitsfield, VT, where Discovery Map® is headquartered. A tiny town nestled in the beautiful Green Mountains, there are no traffic-copters warning us of trouble on our commute. We’re more likely to be held up by a cow crossing, leaf peepers at the side of the road, or a snow drift, than traffic.

Discovery Map® produces illustrated paper maps that highlight the best places to shop, eat, and stay in many top tourist destinations across North America. These maps are unique because they are created by local business owners and operators who live and work in the area, ensuring that you receive authentic, insider recommendations.

Since Discovery Map® is a small company in a small town, we rely on our network of franchisees to share information about great destinations. So, when you find one of our unique maps, know that there is a local business owner/operator who lives and works in the area.

And we all know that when you live and work in an area, you come to know that area far better than a visitor. Our local map owners have personal relationships with many in the community. This includes business owners, staff and friends & family around town. This network of locals gives us a unique structure that allows us to stand out from other travel companies.

By leveraging the knowledge of our team members who live locally, we can offer insights to a community that most visitors will never know.

You can see this in our printed maps, our digital WebMap™ and the articles and tips on this site, or consider owning a Discovery Map® business yourself.

Take the road less traveled by, it can make all the difference!