Map Out Your Summer

The AAA estimates a whopping 79% of families are taking to the road this summer to explore the nooks and crannies, and vast landscape, of America. If you're one of the 40 million map-users out there, we've got you covered!

Back in the old days, or what I call BA (Before Apple), parents did everything they could to keep us kids interested....and well-behaved. My parents traveled a lot and always loved maps (from treasure maps to plotting out Route 66) so I picked up the map bug as a kid. Your kids will pick up the bug too because now we've got kid-friendly maps with classic car games like (my personal favorite) the "License Plate Game."

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Maps I Wish Were Real

So many books, television shows and movies throughout history either center around or feature famous maps. These maps inspire characters and lead them on epic journeys, from Middle Earth and Narnia to Hogsmeade and Oz. And I just can’t help but think… what if they were real?

I mean, c’mon…how cool would that be?

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Instagram Sweepstakes Alert

Travel, Explore, Snap, and WIN! The Discovery Map staff, along with followers on Instagram are being treated to some beautiful photography of destinations all across the US and Canada. Active, pastoral, whimsical and stunning images are posted daily.

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Test Your Geo Skills!

A US Geography IQ survey of Americans by Discovery Map International found that nearly half of participants (46%) do not know how many states make up New England and nearly a quarter (22%) cannot name the capital of New York state. Just in time for holiday travel, Discovery Map International, creators of the colorful and functional maps used by 40 million people in more than 130 destinations, now invites travelers to test their geography IQ.

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New Destinations Featured

DMI is rolling out new maps over the summer to destinations that include Tacoma, WA, Albuquerque, NM, and Cave Creek and Carefree AZ, with its first map of New York City’s vibrant downtown slated for fall publication.

These new destinations will receive the same hand-drawn, cartoon-like treatment featured in more than 130 cities and towns. Familiar to nearly 40 million users each year, DMI maps are found in participating hotels, restaurants, shops, activities and other local businesses.

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Have You Ever Visited a Quirky Museum?

Do you know there is a carnivorous plant garden in Wilmington, North Carolina? A wordless language that relies on pitch variation to communicate meaning in La Gomera, Spain? A baobab tree in South Africa that is so large it has a pub in it that can comfortably fit 15 people? Or, how about that the ice cream parlor with the most flavors in the world – around 900 total and 60 in any given day – is located in Mérida, Venezuela, and that there is a temple made entirely of beer bottles in Khun Han, Thailand?

Now, I know I love maps and geography more than the average Joe, but how can that not jazz you?!

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