Ski Maps Bonanza

It’s no secret that here at Discovery Map International we’re into skiing. Headquartered in Waitsfield, Vermont in the heart of ski country, most of the staff at DM loves snowsports. Peter Hans, president of Discovery Map International, is arguably the most enthusiastic skier of us all. And being the quirky bunch that we are, of course, there’s a couple from the dark side AKA snowboarding among us. Oh c’mon, hike up your snow pants up and have a chuckle.

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Highlights from the 2019 Denver FranJam

You all have really unique talents and things that work well specifically to your market,” said Laura Potter, Production Manager of Discovery Map International, at the recent Franjam in Denver, Colorado. And while the first day of the two-day event was focused largely on debriefing attendees about what was new and exciting at Discovery Map, the second day showcased panel discussions that allowed the franchisees to share their experiences. Actually during the whole two-day meet up–from the get together of many of the franchisees for dinner the night before the official start of the program through to the parting photographs taken at the end of the last session–the spirit throughout the gathering was much about networking, becoming better acquainted with the DM staff and their doings, sharing tricks of the trade at every opportunity and yes, lots of fun socializing replete with super tasty food and drink. (There was even a fun event in an Escape Room to top it all off.)

Peter Hans, Discovery Map president, steered the program most of the time with the help of Laura and Rob Amon, Head of Franchise Development. Presentations highlighted current doings at DM, online order forms & CC payment information, marketing and social media and an introduction to Local Loot, a new and exciting perk and app soon to be launched by DM.

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​Unleash Your Inner MapGeek: Discovery Map® Find the MapGeek Contest

Calling all map enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and lovers of exploration – the Discovery Map® Find the MapGeek Contest is here, and it's your chance to put your map-reading skills to the test!

Discovery Map®, known for its colorful and informative maps that guide travelers to the best attractions, dining, shopping, and more in various destinations, invites you to participate in the Find the MapGeek Contest. This fun and engaging contest is all about celebrating your inner "MapGeek" – that person who can't resist poring over maps and discovering hidden gems on their travels.

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Digital Maps vs Paper Maps

Map Geek loves to read. I love to read maps and books. A while back the buzz within the publishing world was that real books–the ones made out of paper–would soon be obsolete. That seemed plausible about five years ago as Ebook sales rose significantly month after month and regular book sales declined. The word within in the industry was that only picture books, coffee table-type publications and fancy cookbooks with mouthwatering photographs of food would continue to be printed. And then suddenly, the big trend stopped. No growth in Ebook sales followed a steady rise in traditional books and an eventual decline in Ebooks. The shine of the Kindles and E-readers had worn off for many. People realized that after spending a day staring at their computer screens, they didn’t want to relax at night with another device. No, they wanted to curl up in bed with a real book, one that they could hold in their hands and not tire their eyes or worry that one quick and inadvertent touch of the screen might send the Ebook reeling while the reader desperately tried to relocate his or her place in the tome.

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Loving the Library of Congress Online

Whoa, it’s hard coming up for air to write this story. I have been immersed the past couple of hours in the Library of Congress website. It’s the Fourth of July and I found that to be an appropriate way to honor our nation’s birthday. So much is happening in Washington DC today – actually these days – that I thought I’d take a quick trip there to soak up more of our nation’s history.

As I wrote in my previous post, "Loving the Library of Congress", this bastion of world history and culture ranks as a top place to visit. But know that you can have almost as much fun taking in the treasure trove of pieces from the vast collection of this renowned American institution online.

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Loving the Library of Congress

Located on every Discovery Map within a little red frame is the following: "This map is catalogued in the Library of Congress, Harvard Map Collection & American Geographical Society Library for Historical Reference." Have you ever noticed that? If so, have you ever thought about what that means?

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James Niehues: Ski Map Maker Extraordinaire

Even in today’s high tech world of computerized maps and apps, there’s nothing like holding a ski map in your hand and studying the mountain. Typically best reviewed over a hot chocolate or a frosty beer, it’s always fun to trace with your finger where you have been and/or where you plan to go tomorrow. And yes, ski resort maps still make for wonderful souvenirs that you tuck into your luggage and tote home along with many treasured memories of the mountain you just skied or rode.

Map Geek recently discovered the main man behind these maps and I wanted to let you know how incredibly prolific he is and how there’s actually a book in the works that will feature a compilation of his paintings. Look in the corner of ski maps from world-renowned resorts such Telluride, Steamboat and Vail and you’ll see the signature of James Niehues, an artist that has skillfully and accurately represented some two hundred ski resorts in his paintings.

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Seek and Find, with a twist!

Hello, fellow explorers! I have been incredibly busy this year visiting many of our Discovery Map markets. As I’ve been traveling, I have been on the lookout for the best things to do, places to eat, shop and stay during my visits. All of our franchisees have been so welcoming and have shown me what makes their market unique.

When I was a young explorer, one of my favorite games was Seek and Find. As my family packed up and hit the roads each summer, my parents would find us “treasure” maps when we got to our destination. They would tell us to find a few places we wanted to visit and show us how to use the map to guide ourselves there. Even though I am older now, Find and Seek is still my favorite, so Discovery Map and I have teamed up to create a Seek and Find game for our map users.

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Navigating Online Map Gifts

Phew! How about this online shopping craze? It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? I’d say it can be crazy fun actually. You can find just about anything you want online without leaving the comfort of your home (or office for all you mega multi-taskers at work).

I was thrilled to find that there’s an immense selection of online map sellers. Hey, we even do it here at Discovery Map. Did you know that you can procure a Discovery Map for any one of our more than 130 destinations just for the cost of shipping and handling? Whether you want to frame it as a remembrance of your last trip, present it as a suggestion for future travels or just provide someone with a memento of a place that resonates with them, a Discovery Map is a clever and super inexpensive way to let someone know you’re thinking about them and their love for travel.

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Meet Our New Writer

Bonjour! Im feeling all kind of Frenchie here because Id like to introduce Maribeth Clemente, a travel writer thats already bringing a certain je ne sais quoi to Discovery Map.

Maribeth lived in France (you know, the land famous for its Michelin maps and guides) for over a decade and not surprisingly is also a total map geek. Shes an eighteenth-century kind of gal, which is partly why she loves holding Discovery Maps in her hands. She loves travel writing as much as traveling and has been at her craft for decades. (Dont worry, shes still pretty fun-loving and hip.).

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