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Your Guide to Narragansett.

Welcome to Narragansett

From Bonnet Shores to Point Judith, Narragansett has something for everyone to enjoy all year round. Located at the southeastern point of Rhode Island, this laid-back seaside town, originally a tourist destination to rival Newport, offers beautiful beaches, great shops, fantastic restaurants, and much more.

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You can get a lot of great content in Narragansett since there are so many sights and sounds to take in.

First stop is the Block Island Ferry, which you can pick up at Point Judith. Remember sound carries on water, which means that it’s loud for any videos. The traditional ferry runs year round and takes about an hour; reserve in advance if you want to bring your car. There’s also a high-speed ferry during the busy summer season, which takes about a half hour. It’s fun to take pics of the ferry and all the boat traffic from the shore, too!

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Outdoor Life in Gansett

Be like a local, get active and call Narragansett, Rhode Island, “Gansett”. Composed of a narrow strip of land largely surrounded by water, it’s a town characterized by a swell of outdoor activities, much of which take place in or around coves, ponds, rivers and the great blue sea. (OK, it’s Narragansett Bay, but you can find some big water there, too. Some big enough to surf.)

For such a tiny state, Rhode Island sure does boast great beaches–over a hundred with some of the nicest in Gansett. Situated in the center of most of the doings, Narragansett Town Beach ranks among one of the best although they do charge a fee. Scarborough State Beach encompasses a large complex complete with picnic tables and showers. Roger Wheeler and Salty Brine State Beaches anchor the southernmost swath of Narragansett at Point Judith. Either way, you’ll find some great concessions on the beaches that sell a variety of sweet and salty foods–just the sort of thing you crave when life is about the sand and the sea.

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