For more than 20 years, Keystone Fireworks has been a leading seller of fireworks in Pennsylvania. Our huge 10,000 square foot superstores feature our own Keystone Fireworks brand items. These special items, which have been designed and produced to our specifications, can only be found at Keystone Fireworks superstores. But that’s not all. You’ll also find all of your favorite brands such as Firehawk, Dominator, Winda, Mighty Max and more!  Each of our stores stocks more than 350 unique items.  From sparklers and novelties to the biggest and best in aerial fireworks, we have it all. Our collection of aerial repeaters, 500 gram cakes, re-loadable shells and professional style racks is second to none. And  with our extensive video collection, you can see it before you buy it.

Each Keystone Fireworks Superstore has a section dedicated to Pennsylvania residents, who may purchase sparklers, fountains, novelties and other ground based fireworks per Pennsylvania law.  There are more than 100 items available for Pennsylvania residents.  Customers from any state other than Pennsylvania are permitted to shop the entire store and may purchase the complete line of consumer fireworks, including multi-shot aerial repeaters, re-loadable artillery shells, rockets, Roman candles, firecrackers and much more.

Our goal is to give you the BIGGEST SELECTION of the BEST PRODUCTS from the BIGGEST, BEST SUPERSTORES in Pennsylvania. We also promise to send you home happy with FREE FIREWORKS from our Keystone Fireworks Preferred Pyro bonus program. Come to the nearest Keystone Fireworks Superstore and see Pennsylvania’s biggest selection of fireworks for yourself.

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