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5 Must-Try Eateries in Addison County, Vermont

Hey there, adventurers!

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure through Addison County, VT's eatery scene. We've curated a list of must-visit spots that will satisfy your foodie craving. So buckle up and join us as we explore the flavors of this picturesque corner of the Green Mountain State!

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The VT Flavor of Addison County and Brandon

As you travel through these parts, there’s no mistaking that you’re in Vermont, the Green Mountain state. From the rambling country roads and covered bridges to the verdant hills and valleys to the old red barns and grazing cows to the painted wooden farmhouses and the stacks of wood for sale by the roadside (obtained with payment on the honor system) and so much more, when you’re in Vermont, you know it because no other place exudes the same type of agrarian charm. Most everyone that comes here wants to pack up a piece of this sweet, peaceful state and bring it home.

Fortunately you can do that with photos as well as with an array of made in Vermont items that you’ll want to purchase for yourself and for gifts. (Thankfully many businesses do ship.) It’s unclear whether or not Vermonters invented the country store but know that that concept is indeed alive and well throughout the state. And even in larger shopping emporiums, they have a way of presenting their often jumbled selection of goods in a more down-to-earth manner.

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