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About Perfect Wick

  PW was founded by Carl Lindsey (myself) in 2016 and is operated with beautiful wife Laura (Ashley). Growing up, I was very fond of candles with my favorite being Black Cherry. I would purchase them often but was met with a lot of issues that most of us seem to deal with like excessive sooting, blackening ac vents, headaches, mild respiratory response, quick burn times, alcohol like fragrance smells, and the list goes on. After receiving my engineering degree later in life, I  decided to set out and make the ‘perfect’ candle. How hard could it really be right? Well, let’s just say that I was met with the quick realization of why most candle companies skipped corners and used synthetic ingredients; Authentic / Premium grade Soy Candles didn’t smell strong and lacked greatly in appearance. Premium ingredients are also crazy expensive making mass production less attractive to corporate investors, SO…what you end up with is an attractive brand with a not so healthy product and that is what I had overcome.