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About Asheville Bee Charmer - 38 Battery Park Avenue

more than a business, a mission

“We aren’t just a business that sells bee products, we care about bees.” – Jillian + Kim

Years before the move down south Jillian and Kim changed their diets, replacing white refined sugar in their recipes with raw honey instead. This passion for honey in the kitchen blossomed into an interest in bees and pollinators in general. Jillian subsequently took several classes and volunteered at the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago for beekeeping.

In 2014 The Bee Charmer opened its doors for the first time in downtown Asheville. Born out of a passion for honey, a curiosity for bees, a love of cooking, and a yearning for connection to community, the shop has become a staple of the downtown scene. The Bee Charmer sells between 25-35 types of honey depending on the time of year and availability. Sourwood honey is Jillian and Kim’s forever favorite, partly due to the incredible taste, but also for its connection to the local Appalachian mountains.

A lot like the versatile locust honey, Jillian and Kim have adapted and thrived in their new environment. After five years in business at their first location, Jillian and Kim expanded and opened a second downtown storefront in September of 2019.