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About The Dog Door

A sincere love for dogs and concern for their happiness in relationship to humans is at the heart of The Dog Door company. As an applied ethologist, The Dog Door’s owner- Kim Brophey- has committed her lifetime passion to the integration of scientific study and practical applications for the benefit of dogs and their people. The Dog Door Behavior Center is the first behavior center in the WNC region and represents an exciting paradigm shift in the field of dog training and behavior- raising the bar, breaking the mold and challenging current standards through the all-new Family Dog Mediation. Kim’s trademarked comprehensive scientific approach to dog behavior - Dog L.E.G.S.® - introduces a revolutionary system for understanding and addressing dog behavior problems and relationships with people. The Dog Door team is here to help you and your dog tackle whatever obstacles you are facing on the road on life together. Forget dog training. Get real help that gets to the heart of it all. The Dog Door is a trusted and established locally and nationally awarded Asheville-based company, further doing it’s part in the community and greater industry through the national Dog L.E.G.S.® educational platform launching in 2018. The official Dog L.E.G.S.® Guide book - Meet Your Dog, an all-new Canine Genetic Heritage Testing Software and L.E.G.S. partner app- The Dog Key, a L.E.G.S.® recognized business and organization program, and daily service to families and community in Dog City, USA™ will work to extend the The Dog Door’s mission of redefining how we perceive and treat our canine companions.