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Books! They can make the reader someone else. Pick your hero at NeverMore Books!


It is said, “An educated person reads one tree of books per year.” But, sorry to say, many people are switching to ebooks and perhaps one day the hard copies of books will never more. It is a shame.




Books! They enable you to live a double life! In our NeverMore bookstore, we believe that if you read books, you– at the same time, live two lives – and that happens instantly between the pages.




Books! They have the wonderful power to take you to another world and escape daily problems the moment you open them. The whole idea is to literally visualize the thought “the right book will always keep you company and let you unplug from the world.”




NeverMore Books is “for real book lovers” and we would like to convey a simple idea: it’s time to


bring books back to their original purpose. Please come and visit us- we’ll help you pick out a great boob So many books, So little time!