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Marine and Maritime Life within the Boothbay Harbor Region

One look at your Discovery Map for Boothbay Harbor and the Boothbay Region (both sides!) in Maine and you understand that water plays a big role in this destination. It always has and it likely always will. Not only is there a lot of it but it’s also very deep in Boothbay Harbor, providing perfect conditions for all kinds of seafaring vessels. At any given time, hundreds upon hundreds of boats may be moored there. Most yachtsmen consider this renowned port on Maine’s central coast to be the most important one on the eastern seaboard north of Boston.

With a name inspired from Boothby, a hamlet in Lincolnshire, England, the area was settled by the English during the early to mid 1600s. The pilgrims even sailed here in 1622 from Plymouth to replenish their food supplies at Damariscove Island. In addition to farming and fishing, the region later became known for its shipbuilding, an industry that’s still alive and well today. From building wooden sloops to naval ships for World War I and II as well as for the Korean War, to luxury yachts for the elite, Boothbay’s history of craftsmanship runs as vast and varied as the number of maritime vessels that have sought shelter within its harbor over the centuries. Learn more about the rich maritime history of the area at the Boothbay Region Historical Society in Boothbay Harbor.

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More Highlights of the Boothbay Harbor Region

One of the benefits of being practically surrounded by water in the Boothbay Harbor Region is that many of the restaurants here offer terrific waterfront dining replete with extraordinary views. Most of these establishments–at least those open year round–also afford pleasing views from their interiors for those days when it’s best to sit inside with a bowl of chowder and a glass of wine. McSeagulls, Fisherman’s Wharf Inn & Restaurant, Kaler’s Waterfront Restaurant and Brown’s Wharf figure among the best-loved in Boothbay Harbor. If you’re looking for a waterfront restaurant that will roll out the red carpet–or at least a dog bowl–for your pup, go to the Big Dog Bar at Brady’s at the head of the harbor.

For a sophisticated dining experience in Boothbay Harbor, go to the Harborside Tavern at the far end of the footbridge. If their food, craft cocktails, or views of this iconic bridge don’t woo you, their live music surely will.

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