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About Monarca's Mexican Cuisine

Monarca's Restaurant Story

Monarca’s was founded in 2013 in Cape Coral by owners Guillermo and Gina. They have been serving the City of Cape Coral and Fort Myers with Authentic Mexican Food for eight years.

​They are from the immediate vicinity of the State of Michoacan and Jalisco, Mexico. That area is known for its range of exquisite dishes, snacks and tequila. So it was their dream to bring a little bit from their region to the City of Cape Coral. So when they created the menu they made sure that each plate had a touch of back home. 

​As their dream continued to grow they pondered on the thought of what to name it. They thought about the word  Monarch not only because it means “King” but because of the beautiful Monarch Butterfly that migrates to the State of Michoacan from Canada every year. So they named it “Monarca’s.” Thanks to our Founders every time you enter Monarca’s we have the opportunity to take you not only back to their region in Mexico by our delicious food. But, we strive for you to “Eat, Drink, and Enjoy” like a True Monarch!!