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About Chatham Works

FitnessOur Fitness Philosophy

We believe that some of the best reasons to exercise have absolutely nothing to do with your appearance, and that a commitment to regular exercise should be a fixture in everyone’s lifestyle.

Short-term goals like losing weight and getting more toned are great motivations. But for many of us, the benefits we can feel - stronger, more self-confident, less stressed, better rested, greater mental focus, stronger immune system, greater mobility, and better overall health - make a much bigger difference in our lives than the benefits anyone might see.

But in order to reap the many benefits of regular exercise over the long term, you have to commit to making fitness and exercise part of your lifestyle. So we've worked hard to create a place that people will want to commit to.

Our Approach to Fitness

We offer many of the features you'd expect in a gym, like top of the line cardio machines and a wide selection of weights and resistance training equipment.

But Chatham Works isn't a regular gym or health club. Our offerings and our approach to fitness emphasize Functional Training, Group Exercise, and variety.


Workspace for the Way You (Want to) Work

Our Coworking space is designed based on the needs of entrepreneurs, remote workers, road warriors, and anyone else looking for a place to be focused and productive.

We offer a convenient and reasonably priced place to get your work done, in an environment that affords opportunities for networking and social interaction.

Options include cozy Private Offices (available month-to-month) and Open Seating (available daily or monthly).

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Work + Workout Discounts

All Coworking customers are entitled to receive a discount on Fitness too!


Our Retail Shop features a select assortment of high quality, fairly priced men's wear, healthy snacks and beverages, nutritional supplements, and our exclusive Chatham Works logo apparel and accessories. Featured brands include ...

Beyond Yoga ✪ Glyder ✪ Vuori ✪ Myles Apparel ✪ Oofos ✪ Hydrant ✪ BudiBar ✪ CrossCore ✪ T-Pin! Muscle Therapy

And we're particularly proud to carry products from great Cape-based companies like ...

Slyk Shades ✪ Washershore ✪ Nautically Northern

Our approach to Fitness emphasizes Group Exercise, Functional Training, and variety - all within a beautiful modern new facility and a fun, positive, and socially oriented environment.