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I started collecting vintage clothing in high school during the early 1970s. Now in my fifties, I’ve enjoyed over thirty years of collecting, collaborating, researching and reconstructing the proper fit of woman’s clothing throughout the decades. I look for clothing rich in texture, interest and history. I love the iconic bold silhouette and colors that defined the 1960s, the sleek and sophisticated line of a 1930s suit, and a simple summer cotton dress of the 1950s. All captivate me on an artistic level as well as historic by the story they hold.


As an accomplished artist working in oils and pastels, 18th century open hearth cook and seamstress, the time had come to bring every aspect of my creativity together. Vintage In Vogue is a hidden gem of a shop and is the culmination of years in the making. I often hear my customers say to one another “It’s like a museum!”
With original garments as early as 1840, bustled dresses from 1875 on display and a library of fashion history books to devour, your experience at Vintage In Vogue is one of pure joy, memories and awe. It’s a shop for the serious antique clothing collector and the vintage wearer.

Vintage In Vogue began with my personal collection of vintage ladies clothing. Now, I accept vintage consignments of every era up to and including the 1970s.


Next time you’re visiting Cape Cod, you’ll find my shops in the quaint towns of Orleans and Provincetown. In both shops, you’ll find a vintage bridal collection of dresses, gowns, veils and accessories. In-house services at Vintage in Vogue include colonial couture of historical garment reproductions and custom tailoring.

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