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Food and Drink Highlights of Culebra

From food and drink kiosks on Flamenco Beach to seaside restaurants that afford idyllic views of this island paradise to all kinds of eateries, coffee shops and groceries in between, Culebra offers many opportunities to sample the specialties of Puerto Rico. Recreating, touring or just lolling about beneath the Puerto Rican sun tends to make you hungry and thirsty and thankfully you’ll find countless ways to satisfy your cravings while enjoying some of the signature offerings listed below.

Food and drink make up an integral part of the culture of Puerto Rico and it’s at the panderías, or Spanish-styled bakeries, that this is perhaps most on display. Not only can you buy breads and pastries at these bakeries, but they also serve as social hubs where locals like to sit, stay a while and sip and nibble on their favorite treats. Try a quesito, an oblong pastry filled with sweet cream cheese and drizzled with PR favorites such as chocolate or guava. Mallorcas, or soft brioche-like rolls, are another staple, which may be eaten as a sweet (when sprinkled with powdered sugar) or savory when used to make a Cuban sandwich, another favorite food widely available in Puerto Rico. Pandeli Bakery is a great place to find these delicious goods and more in Culebra.

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