Mac's Seafood

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About Mac's Seafood

In 1995, after a few summers working at the Harbor Freeze on Wellfleet's Town Pier, we got a lease on the market there. Buying local wasn't trendy at the time, but we made it the Mac's Seafood mission because we knew there was nothing better.

Mac drove to Chatham every morning to hand pick fresh fish. Alex worked the counter. He was too young to drive, but he could sure cut the perfect fillet.

Doc thought we were crazy, but he was proud of our fishmonger dreams, and took charge of the smokehouse himself.

Cooking on the pier.

From day one we steamed lobsters to go—that's to be expected around here. But Mac was a cook, working winter seasons in Boston and New York. So we seared scallops, poached cod, and sautéed littlenecks, too, serving casual counter-to-table dinners right there in the store.

By 1998, we were ready to grow into the clamshack next door, just as the Larsens were wanting to retire. We always loved classic shack food, but we couldn't wait to add fish tacos, sushi, grilled tuna, and summer vegetables to the menu.


Weddings? We do.

Cook your lobsters for you? Any time. But could we steam a couple hundred of them for cousin Liberty's big day? "Of course," we said. That's how we learned it might be handy to have an experienced catering director on hand. Now there's Mac's Parties & Provisions for everything from cocktails to clambakes.