The Gopher Hole pub is a bar and entertainment venue open to the public and available to rent for private parties up to 200. Open daily from 5PM til close, the Gopher Hole also has live entertainment Friday and Saturday nights (check our calendar for details).

Glass medicine bottles, old nickels and drink tokens are among the remnants of Flagstaff history unearthed from the basement of the historic Weatherford Hotel as the owners brought back The Gopher Hole Pub in a monumental restoration project and grand re-opening in July of 2014.

The Gopher Hole existed in the 1930s, reportedly welcomed by the town following Prohibition and in the midst of the Great Depression. Historian and Pioneer Museum Curator Joe Meehan says the community had a thirst for such an establishment. “Flagstaff was never a strongly alcoholic town, but once it (alcohol) became legal, everybody enjoyed it.”

In fact, he says, the Nackards, of Fred Nackard Wholesale Beverage Co., had a motto on the side of their truck that stated: Flagstaff’s Best Friend Since Prohibition. Fred, along with his wife, Monica, was issued one of the state’s first wholesale spirituous liquor licenses. It is now the longest continually operated wholesale liquor license in Arizona.

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