My sister and I opened Bella Funk in 2006 at ages 23 and 24. We were best friends growing up and owning a business together was the ultimate dream. Our little town has always been such a special place for us and we knew we wanted to stay here and raise our families here. Our parents are both entrepreneurs and taught us the importance of taking risks which we are so grateful for today. I remember our first big purchase being two plastic, free-standing (however, wobbly:) female mannequins. When they arrived, we prayed that one day they would have a home in a beautiful shop window somewhere. 


We are humbled and grateful that Bella Funk is now a well-established and highly recognized go-to women’s store in Littleton. Since its opening, locals and visitors have come to appreciate and share the value of quality products. We've always believed that quality is better than quantity and have strived to carry premium, high-quality products that are beautifully crafted. From upscale designers to hand-made treasures, we provide a range of products with a variety of price points. We love to support local artists and currently have 15 local artisans- from jewelers to leather workers- in the shop. Shopping local is good for the soul! 


"Their major piece of advice was @ female dreamers, aspiring entrepreneurs, established business owners: 'Never stop believing in yourself! Follow your passion and stick with it, 110%. It's worth the fight to get there.'"

We are so thankful for our customers each and every day!

Thank you so very much for all your support over the years! Because of our very loyal customers, Bella Funk has been able to plant its' roots in Littleton, NH and, in-turn, my sister and I are able to raise our children in this special place we call home. Providing you with inspiring pieces to add to your wardrobe and empower YOU, truly warms our hearts. Thank you for loving what we do!

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