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Located at 451 Baltimore Street, Children of Gettysburg 1863 is Gettysburg's new, family-friendly interactive adventure for young historians.

Meet the Children of Gettysburg 1863.

More than a typical children's museum, the Children of Gettysburg 1863 tells the engaging stories of the children, teens and young adults who lived here during and after the battle.

Home to the Children of Gettysburg 1863, the historic Rupp House was the property of John and Caroline Rupp and their six children in 1863. It was truly a family home.

It still is today.



Fun & Educational 

Why visit the Children of Gettysburg 1863? 

Feel the beat of the drum. Listen closely to the rumors of battle. Picture yourself as a character at Gettysburg.

Your family will touch, listen and learn its way through a fun and engaging journey back to 1863.

  • Introducing the Children of Gettysburg: Now there is more for families to do in Gettysburg. Experience engaging first-hand accounts from the children who lived here during the battle including William Bayly, Albertus McCreary, Sadie Bushman and Tillie Pierce.
  • Finding Meaning: Find the objects in our story scavenger hunt. Gain an understanding of what children experienced during and after the battle. Find and take home meaning in the activities from the Gettysburg Address and the Gettysburg National Cemetery to historic preservation and documenting memories.
  • Living History: Interact with living historians on the grounds on summer weekends. Free Adventure for Children

    The Children of Gettysburg 1863 experience is currently free for young historians 12 and under when accompanied by a ticketed adult. During your visit, you'll introduce your child to Gettysburg and its significance while supporting a new generation of young learners on an interactive start to a lifetime of learning, inspiration and creativity.

    • Informed Imagination: Your journey through galleries like "Growing Up in Gettysburg 1863," "The Soldiers are Coming," "Surviving the Battle" and "Remembering Gettysburg" provides a history-based setting for creativity, discovery and learning.
    • Hands-on History: Children of Gettysburg 1863 invites children (grades K-5) - and those young at heart - to touch and hold, seek and explore, create and inspire.
    • Interactive Activities: Lift the soldier's equipment pack and feel the weight of what they carried. Find a place to safely hide during the battle. Stand at the podium to deliver the Gettysburg Address.

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