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At Bee Inspired Foundation we plan to build a thriving planet one bee sanctuary at a time. Biodynamic gardens of life and healthy hives where both the bee and the human will flourish. Our motto is simple, if it is good for the bee – then it’s good for me. Our 501c3 status was granted in February 2019, so your tax free donation can do so much good for the honeybee!

Your enthusiasm and contribution will be the pulse of our journey at Bee Inspired. Amidst our busy lives we have the opportunity to pause and contribute to what truly matters; a thriving planet. In order to build the foundation here at Bee Inspired, we are asking that you donate whatever you can towards our mission. We will implement the best biodynamic practices of beekeeping and encourage people to become a #beehero and “swap out their grass for a pollination perennial paradise and let go of yard chemicals”. Your donation will help us create hundreds of acres of bee forage here in Boone, North Carolina - and eventually across the globe!

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