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I am a lifelong Long Islander.  I have been reading maps since I was a child.  I would call state tourism offices and request information to plan future road trips.  When I was able to drive, I began taking these road trips.  In the 1990’s on a road trip through New England, I discovered Resort Maps, the predecessor to Discovery Map.  They were easy to read, listed great places to eat and visit.  I would bring back copies for future road trips.  When planning my road trips, I look for places with Discovery Maps, and places that did not have a Discovery Map would go on my “Discovery Map Wish List”.

Several years ago, I was in Huntington, NY for a concert in the park.  I usually go early to the park, put down my lawn chair, and then take a walk into town.  While in downtown Huntington. I met a couple looking for a steak house.  I could not remember where the restaurant was located.  It was then I thought that Huntington would be a great place for a Discovery Map.  I thought about starting my own franchise for Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor.  At the time I was still working for the State of New York, but decided that once I retired I would pursue my dream of starting the franchise.  I made inquiries in 2019 which included a visit to Waitsfield VT.  At the time, the timing wasn’t right to start my new business.  And then came the pandemic.

In February 2021, businesses were reopening, and after over 41 years working for the State of New York, I decided it was the right time to retire and to start the franchise.

I still plan and take road trips.  My other interests include scenic photography, hiking, and my wife and I do several different types of dancing. Michelle manages a dental office and is a deaconess. 

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