The Sand Trap Mini Golf

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About The Sand Trap Mini Golf

This is the Sand Trap's 20th Season as a landscaped adventure land of fountains and waterfalls.

A gazebo and a lighthouse grace the course, and a big highlight is the waterfall that races over golfers' heads in a see-through enclosure.

Thousands of feet of electrical wires for lights and pumps are concealed in conduits underground. Filters are built into the chlorinated water features to keep the water clean.

A discounted price from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. is an "early bird special." Family discount packs are another incentive for families to buy groups of 10 or more tickets that can be used later.

"We try to make everything a pleasant experience," said Larry Leff, the owner since 1975.

His future goal is to go solar. "I want to figure out how to get solar panels on top of the posts," he said, "Why not? I"ll figure it out."

A tour of the mini golf links is a required piece of the traditional LBI vacation. Sure. Wii Games are an indoor compulsion, but mini golf gets the family out in the real salt air, where the putt goes where you put it.

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