Old Tennessee Distilling Co.

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About Old Tennessee Distilling Co.

Moonshine is rooted deep in the Appalachia and East Tennessee traditon.  Old Tennessee Distilling Company was able to open its doors in 2014 in Kodak, TN. celebrating the old whiskey runners and the brotherhood forged amongst the local moonshiners. Here at  Old Tennessee Distilling Co. we name our moonshine, rum, vodka, gin and corn whiskey products to honor the rich history we have here in our beloved East Tennessee. After competing in the New Our International Spirits competion we took home 3 awards --  Old Tennessee Distilling Co.  won Distiller of the Year;  Our Dumplin Creek Gin won a Silver medal in the Gin Category and Runners Rye won a Bronze in the Whiskey Category.

Drop by Old Tennessee Distiling Co. ...Where standing up for what's right is more important than what's legal.  It's a brotherhood formed on these back roads by whiskey runners doing what they had to to feed their families.  It's a spirit that's still alive at Old Tennessee, where we make some of the best whiskey in these hills.  Drop in for a free tasting or a $5 cocktail.