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Growing up in Rhode Island, I was fortunate to spend almost every summer Sunday with my family and their friends at Olivo’s Beach, which is now part of Scarborough Beach in Narragansett. I did not get to go to Block Island until I was in college, but I was hooked and went back many times with my friends, husband, and two sons over the years, even having my 40th birthday party there at Ballard’s (chocolate cake by Aldo’s)!

In my early 40s, I was looking for a mom job, where I could still work part time, get paid, but be home for my kids after school and have summers off. Discovery Map (at the time called Resort Maps) came along at the perfect time. Sitting on a beach on vacation summer 2011, we picked up the map in Cape Cod and noticed a little ad on it that said, “Franchises available”. We had used these maps around the country for years and had no idea it was a franchise until that moment. My husband said, “This would be the perfect job for you; you were a book editor for years and have done sales and marketing. You should look into it.” So, I did! And 11 years later I have two successful maps—Narragansett, Block Island and Wakefield; and the Providence map. It has been a joy to share the gems that the state of Rhode Island has to offer, and I invite everyone to come and visit and, of course, pick up the map!

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