Smugglers' Notch Distillery

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About Smugglers' Notch Distillery

Smugglers' Notch takes its name from smugglers who used this rugged mountain pass and thick forest and caves surrounding it to move goods and liquor from Canada into the United States. This smuggling route was first used during the 1800s to move goods during the trade embargo and then again in the 1920s to move liquor during prohibition.


Although we don't need to smuggle anymore, Smugglers' Notch Distillery™ provides spirits worthy of the cause. We are proud to offer an exquisite vodka made from winter wheat, corn, and pure Vermont spring water, a premium bourbon barrel aged single-barrel amber rum, a true distilled gin - Blend No. 802, and our newest spirit – straight bourbon whiskey.

Smuggle some home today™ directly from the distillery or visit your favorite liquor outlet.