Aloha Vibes

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About Aloha Vibes

Aloha Vibes is a Hawaii inspired store located in New Smyrna Beach Florida. The store features products that are made or originated in Hawaii. The owners of Aloha Vibes spent time living in Hawaii and still have close ties and a love for the islands. They wanted to bring some of their favorite things from Hawaii to Florida. The store features art, jewelry, apparel, soaps, candles and home goods to name a few. In addition to the products, Aloha Vibes will share the story of each artist, designer or entrepreneur with their Florida customers spreading the “Aloha Vibe”

In addition to the unique merchandise, Aloha Vibes offers Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice. Using Syrups imported from Hawaii, finely shaved ice and offered with Hawaiian Style options like the addition of Ice Cream or a Snow Cap of Sweetened Condensed Milk. Aloha Vibes Shave Ice is truly “Ono” (Hawaiian word for delicious)

We are looking forward to sharing our passion for Hawaii with our Florida Ohana.